About Us

Our main aim is to adopt best practices and deliver technical solutions in a variety of domains in digital era.

We are here to deliver what you need.

The PiKei team founded its legal entity in late 2017, however its’ members have been involved in many ICT-projects, either at European or at National level. The company concentrates a strong technical background but, as a startup SME, is looking forward to capitalize its technical expertise so as to evolve technological solutions.

  • Consult

    on the architecture, implementation and integration, facilitating business processes, increasing reliability and competitiveness

  • Create

    highly efficient and scalable solutions tailored to the specific application requirements and final deployment environment

  • Release

    quality ICT projects, supporting the definition and continuous evolution of the software development, through the agile ecosystem

If you can imagine it, we can deliver it.

We have the means.

Front-End design

Full stack web development (Java, PHP, JS, CSS, Bootstrap 3.x/4.x, jQuery, Ajax, HTML5)

Mobile applications development (Apache Cordova, Xamarin, Swift, Native development tools)

Back-End development

Enterprise software applications based on Java (Spring MVC Framework, Spring Security, Spring Boot, Thymeleaf, Wicket) or PHP (Yii 2.0 framework, Laravel framework) technologies and SQL / NoSQL Databases


IT and DevOps (Windows/Linux Administration, VMWare ESXi, Microservices architecture, Docker, Ansible)

Embedded Applications

IoT applications for connecting devices (i.e. Active/Passive RFID, Raspberry Pi, Colibri iMX6 Dual Lite) with online services based on MQTT, REST/CoAP, WebSocket

Wine Safe Net (WSN) Platform

A Blockchain approach in the wine production chain

A solution that delivers to the consumer all the required information about the wine bottle they purchase could remove much of the suspicion. PIKEI with the “Wife Safe Net” envisages a distributed ledger solution based on the blockchain technology that allows the consumer to track important parameters throughout the lifetime of a wine. Data such as environmental conditions and time parameters of the cultivation, the storage and the transportation are recorded in the “WSN” forming the digital profile of the product that is available for everyone.

This digitization of wine production and distribution will deliver to the end users traceability of the wines from the farm to the retail in favor of the brand transparency for manufacturers and retailers that try to increase their market share.

WSN Platform

This project is funded by Block.IS (Blockchain Innovation Spaces) Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme Project No. 824509, under the funding framework of the European Commission."